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Roblox – what is it? And what do parents need to know?

Roblox itself is not a bad thing. It’s a multi player online game platform that actually encourages young developers and gamers to create their own games. Not a bad thing at all. In fact if they are going to spend time looking at screens, which they are and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives (it’s the world we live in) then why not have them learn about the programming side of things right?

Roblox isn’t a new tech, in fact it’s been around now for over a decade, but only recently become very popular with the 6-16 year olds along side MineCraft.

How Roblox works…

Players create their own virtual world where they and other online players enter a world of blocks – similar to Minecraft.

  1. Just sign up
  2. Choose your avatar (character you choose to play)
  3. You’ll get your own property and a virtual toolbox for building
  4. You can earn currency (Robux) to buy stuff and get new skills, tools and materials.
  5. You can meet, play, chat and collaborate on creative projects with other members.

What’s to love, parents ask.

  • Kids love having the diverse collection of games inside a single platform.
  • Opportunity to move up the hierarchy
  • You can create and explore
  • It’s great fun!

What to be aware of..

With multiplayer online gaming the main thing to be aware of is the fact that these games are run on massive shared servers, so you can never be 1000% sure who is on that server with your child, so monitoring the chat function is always a good idea.

The second thing to be wary of is the online currency used in the game – Robux. These are earned over time or they can be purchased within the game using real money. We have heard of a couple of scenarios whereby mum and dads credit card is hit up for quite a few dollars when a youngster decides he or she wants more Robux right now!

However the suggested way for your youngster to perhaps earn their Robux is to sign up so extra content and in game ads can be shown within your child’s created game and they get paid for their ideas. Membership is maintained by direct debit, so the parents will need to sort this out and therefore make sure privacy and security settings are secured with strong passwords.

For more on Roblox safety and privacy check out the below video from our UK and Ireland founder Wayne Denner