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Awareness, Education & Training
on CyberBullying Prevention

Parental Software on Mobiles and Tablets to Beat The Cyberbully

Last week we were focused on the software that is out there to help parents in the fight to keep your kids safer online and the software referenced was all related to desktops and laptops. Of course we realise that in this day and age, the preferred access point for most people is more and more the small device we carry with us at all times, either a smartphone or a tablet. Or indeed now, it’s the phablet with the size of the iPhone 6 plus and some of the other Android devices out there. Regardless of your operating platform preference, you and your youngsters are accessing the internet more often than ever and in many cases, your young ones are spending far too much time online. That can also be said of a lot of us grown ups as well. We all work, live and go to school in a digital world and as such we as parents and adults have a responsibility to keep our children as safe as possible and prepare them as fully as possible for the digital world the are growing up in, and will ultimately start working in somewhere along the line.


So this little blog post was just to cover off the mobile and tablet conundrum. Shorter than last weeks, but from the research we ended up with the top 2, rated as the desktop software on; reporting & logging, blocking and filtering, tracking and security as well as their help and support functions. Coming in first place with a score of  9.7 out of 10 was PhoneSheriff and number 2 with a score of 9.63 was mSpy.




Basically, everything that takes place on the phone can be monitored and viewed on the Phone Sheriff dashboard, even deleted photos texts and emails can be seen as it will appear on the log. Via a GPS tool within the software, you can also keep detailed logs of where the phone is, so as to quickly identify if they are somewhere they shouldn’t be. The keyword alert function is great, as you can set up a list of target keywords so that should your young one start using these words you’ll be alerted and can have the discussion as to why words such as; drugs, depression, gambling or maybe even suicide are topics of discussion with your little one.




A very user friendly application that allows you to monitor and do a bit of snooping as you should as a parent. Much like Phone Sheriff you can manage calls, track text message, read emails, track via GPS and of course monitor internet use. What’s also interesting is that mSpy allows you to monitor IM (instant messaging) too, so Skype, Whatsapp, iMessage and Viber can be monitored – just need to find out about BBM as I was asked this recently and wasn’t sure of a way to monitor it. As with Phone Sheriff, remote locking and wiping of the phone is also a feature in case it gets stolen, or you just want to close it down completely.


Top 10 reviews has a comprehensive round up of these two plust the other 7 that they reviewed and ranked well. Have a look by clicking Top 10 Reviews