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Instagram Live Video and Disappearing Messages – can you say Snapchat?

Remember how Snapchat used to be the app that teens turned to to send content they only wanted around for a limited period of time? We do to, but it seems this is a trend now across social media platforms. Latest to conform is Instagram, the visual darling for teens and young professionals.

It’s been on the cards for a while, but Instagram has started to roll out a number of new features for users which will be available on iOS and Android over the next few weeks. Instagram users have been able to send direct personal messages to each other now for some time – this is of course, not new. In fact text, video and images are all possible within the current offerings from Instagram.

But with the new update, when you share a photo or video to Instagram Stories you are now also able to select friends or groups of friends to send it to. The person or group to whom you’ve sent the image can view the message once and replay it (just once) then it disappears (we’ve seen how that works on Snapchat – but does it really disappear?) Hint: NO IT DOESN’T – everything always leaves a trail online.

Instagram has also begun to roll out Instagram Live – but unlike Facebook Live and Periscope which broadcasts via Twitter, Instagram Live will work slightly differently with the big difference being that there is no replay, which both Facebook and Periscope offer. Could be a big miss for Instagram because people want to be able to view on their own time.  Live on Instagram means live. The live video disappears as soon as the stream stops. This could also be seen as a good thing – but we view it as more young people spending more time in front of their smart devices trying to come up withe content to keep their feed populated.

Advice remains the same. When it comes to any app which promises disappearing messages – always be careful with the content you’re creating. Ask yourself ‘Am I giving a good account of myself’? Remember it’s very easy for someone to screenshot a video image or image using a second device and as we always say here in the Middle East – if you are not happy with whatever you are about to send being on a billboard at the side of Sheikh Zayed road. Don’t post it.

Always. Always. STOP | THINK | POST