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Awareness, Education & Training
on CyberBullying Prevention

Cyber Bullying is a form of abuse – let’s stamp it out

Whilst we here at Beat The Cyber Bully are predominantly focused on the cyber channels where abuse takes place and educating people young and old on the correct use of them as well as the consequences of some of their actions. We also support other initiatives dealing with any kind of abuse.

We felt this video was worth sharing as it’s a creative way of getting a message through to only the people that need to see it. In some cases, the tragedy is that the parents or adult in charge can sometimes be the physical or cyber bully.

Well done ANAR Foundation on this innovative way of getting the kids to see the message some of them so desperately need to see.

Whilst some viewers have commented that now people will be aware of it and be able to see the message, we don’t think that’s true. The use of technology to get this message through is clever, for an adult to see it they would have to ‘drop their phone at precisely the right time to fall into the height range of your average 10 year old’, not very likely in reality.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs that this kind of creative thinking is required on such a subject. Our initiative was borne out of necessity as well. Cyber bullying is on the rise and set to continue on this trend due to the greater penetration of technology and online channels into our lives. As with this advert, we at BTCB want to provide an outlet of information and education, so that children can protect themselves, parents can protect their children and teachers can support further education using these tools without fear of the negative side of using the technology and channels available to them.

Again, well done ANAR foundation on an innovative approach to an unfortunate subject matter.